Monday, February 16, 2009

Kitchen Make-Over | By Resolved2Worship

Total money spent: $10.00

"My goals were to lighten the kitchen up, simplify the colors." -Resolved2Worship

Walls|  She painted the red beadboard with a can of paint left over that she had. 

Cabinets| The green cabinets showed up every dirty finger print so she called her sister, who last year painted some different shades of brown around her house. She chose the one she had the most of and went to work on the cabinets.

Table|   This table was built by her husband. She wanted an odd sized table - narrow, long and unique - and he made the table out of used lumber and used table legs. 

Cart| The metal roll-a-way cart is where she houses Goodwill/garage sale dishes that her children use all day long for meals and snacking and drinks.

Mason jars and 20 cent bowls on the dish cart:

Silverware| Limited drawer space forces the silverware out on the upper section of the cart - housed in a mason jar and two silver dishes, collected through the years from resale stores.

Cork Board| She then hung a large cork board for posting pictures, reminders, clippings, etc.

Clothes Pin Pictures|  She loves pictures and especially enjoys putting up black and whites with emotion in the expressions - under the shelving she nailed up five clothes pins - this way it's easy to switch the photos.

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